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Appeals Lawyer Serving Pittsburgh

Exercising Your Right to Appeal

Anyone convicted of a serious criminal offense knows that a conviction will remain on your permanent criminal record unless you win an appeal or have your criminal record expunged. Since expungements only apply to certain criminal offenses, many people opt to file for an official appeal when they believe they have been wrongly convicted of a crime. Criminal convictions have a negative impact on future employment opportunities, loan applications, in personal relationships and in the obtaining of certain professional licenses. That is why, if you or a loved one feel you have been wrongly convicted of a crime, we advise you contact a Pittsburgh criminal attorney from our firm immediately.

In the state of Pennsylvania, any individual convicted of a crime has the right to file an appeal to address:

  • The sufficiency, or insufficiency of the evidence
  • The weight of the evidence
  • The discretionary aspects used to determine sentencing
  • The validity of a guilty plea
  • The right to file a direct appeal to the Pennsylvania Superior Court
  • The right to be represented by counsel during the appellate process
  • The right to have counsel appointed, if you are unable to afford counsel

We are well-versed in the entire appellate process and have successfully represented numerous clients who believed they had been convicted in error. When you contact our firm, we will be able to thoroughly review your case, advise you of the available options, help you determine the most effective course of action to pursue, and assist you in exercising your legal right to appeal your conviction. We understand the emotional, financial and physical impact a conviction will have on your family and your future, so we are here to get real results.

Contact a Pittsburgh Appeals Attorney to File Your Appeal

An appeal is that formal request to an appellate or higher court to change an official decision made by a lower court. If you or a loved one feels that justice has not been served and you want to appeal a guilty plea, guilty verdict or court order, time is of the essence. Should you fail to file in a timely fashion, you could lose the right to appeal.

Attorney Frank Walker has been practicing criminal defense law for several years and has an in-depth understanding of Appellate Law. Prior to opening Frank Walker Law, Attorney Frank Walker served as an associate attorney at one of the oldest and most prestigious litigation firms in Western Pennsylvania. He is a verified and featured lawyer at LawyerCentral.com and due to our hard work and dedication to our clients, our firm has become one of the most highly-regarded and sought-after criminal law firms in the Pittsburgh area. We do not just talk about what we have accomplished and what we intend to achieve, we show our clients real results.

If you or a loved one feel you have been wrongly convicted, you have a very limited amount of time in which to file an appeal. We advise you contact a Pittsburgh appeals lawyer as soon as possible to schedule your confidential consultation.

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